We support everything that we can do and make sure that People with disability get what they need. Together we can shape new hope and build trust in people’s values, leadership, and innovation towards a sustainable, inclusive society

Thisable Creative Centre

Sebagai pusat pemberdayaan ekonomi kreatif untuk disabilitas Indonesia. Mencetak generasi baru dari berbagai disabilitas untuk menghasilkan karya secara massive untuk menunjang ekonomi.

CSR Integrated

as the latest form of CSR, an increase of CSR 1.0 is usually done by many corporations. What are the forms of CSR 2.0? if CSR 1.0 is identical to the sequence of the campaign, the slogan, the media. latst form of CSR 2.0 is conversation, story, human, just as seen in the chart.

Micro Enterprise

a small business that employs a small of employess, specialize in providing good or services for local areas.

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